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Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Blood Series - Revamped Vamps

And now a word from Ashley Nemer, author of the Blood Series. The last book in her trilogy, "Blood Green" comes out April 28th and it's a bittersweet emotion going around about the end. In celebration of the end, she's given the first two books new, smouldering covers. Damn girl, they are hot!

But who knows what the future brings? Maybe the vampires will rise again and we can get 'Blood Blue' or 'Blood Orange' one day.

And now, Ms. Nemer:

The final edits are done, the fine word typed and the storylines put to rest that have haunted my inner thoughts for four years. It is an amazingly heady feeling knowing that what you have considered your pride and joy, your baby, has found its ending.

So what goes into the ending of a trilogy?  A lot of work, blood sweat and tears, and a new look.  

So Zayn, Nikole, Haydar and Leigh are facing off on their final battle. This was a really hard story line for me to make because I have said from day one that one bad guy will get a happy ending and one good guy won’t. So this was a tight rope I was walking, coming up with something good and bad to happen to the opposite side. I worried that the story line for said bad guy (or girl) wasn’t believable. And the same went for the good guy.

I think I found a decent balance, one that kinda shocked me as I was writing it. I kept thinking, “Are you sure you wanna do this (insert character name)?” And they kept saying, YES! Stubborn ass characters. Obviously they come from me1

Next came the research as now I am doing some writing with scenes in Lebanon. Again, believability. How do you have scenes believable in a country you have never step foot in?

And then a new look. As an indie author the best part is that I am constantly developing my craft and developing my image. So now it was time to create a brand that would follow me for the remainder of my journey … and that meant new covers!

I just hope that people love the Blood Series as much as I do. Blood Green comes out April 28th, only a month and a half away. And I cannot wait for the world to finally have an ending of a vampire love story that doesn’t end in sparkly happily ever after.

"Blood Purple" is going through some technical difficulties and will be available (with its new cover) on Amazon soon.

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