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Born and raised in Southern Indiana, this Hoosier transplanted herself to the Windy City after graduate school. Her passion is teaching, with writing come a close second and gaining momentum. She currently teaches College of DuPage as an adjunct professor in the physical education department and runs a martial arts studio in Naperville, IL. She holds the rank of 3rd Dan in the United States Hapkido Federation.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New Book Release!

My newest book, 'A Wolf's Bane' is now available! It's a novella, coming in at about 33,000 words. Right now it's only an ebook, available at Amazon, All Romance eBooks, and Bookstrand. Click on the links below to order!

Bookstrand Buy Link 

All Romance eBooks (has a broken link; will be fixed soon and reposted!)

Amazon Buy Link 

Here's the beautiful cover, created by Soxsational Cover Art:


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Things that go bump in the night ... or maybe not

Welcome to 'Souls Around the World' blog hop ... I hope you enjoy the blogs linked!

Okay, mine ... things that go bump in the night. Yeah. I've been woken straight out of a deep sleep by thumps and bangs, my heart racing, my eyes straining to see in the dark. Paranoid about the corporeal beings that might be trying to break in or is it the spirits trying to communicate?

I give myself a moment and realize ... yep, the dogs have slept right through it. Sometimes I just shrug and turn over, trying to get comfortable and go back to sleep. Other times I do get out of bed, my dogs begrudgingly following me as I search the house only to find something has fallen over (usually it's the fan that's no longer in the window after a strong breeze came through). I right the item, muttering to myself for getting riled up and about unstable fans in windows, then crawl back into bed where we all try to go back to sleep.

Have there been unexplained bumps in the night? Sure. Sometimes can't figure out for the life of me what woke me up. But alas, I've never been visited by Jacob Marley or his equivalent, never had the ghosts of Christmases anything hovering at the end of the bed. Could those mysterious bumps be the other world trying to communicate? Probably not. Maybe. Who knows for sure? I try to keep an open mind, but really, it's usually the house settling or heck, the next-door neighbor hitting the wall a little too hard, or yes, the fan toppling over. 

I'd think I would be open-minded enough for a ghost or spirit to visit me, but as I sit here and laugh at the 'Ghost Hunters' show, knowing that 99% of what they are 'experiencing' is either explainable or scripted for tv, it's hard to believe. 

The truth may be out there. I'd like to say I'm more Mulder than Scully, but really, I'm more like Bill Nye the Science Guy ... everything has an explanation and it's usually a simple one. I've probably become more jaded in the past few years, but as I said, I'd like to think I'm open to the possibility.

Like there really is a Bigfoot. Really. I NEED there to be a Bigfoot.

Enough rambling. Enjoy the hops and I hope nothing goes bump in the night for you!

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