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Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Star Trek Reboot - Movies

The muse isn't cooperating for me to write much and I can't sleep, so was thinking about the Star Trek recently. Just saw 'Into Darkness' for the second time this past Sunday and found myself moved much more this time than the first. I was still teary-eyed at the closing credits with the Original Series music; brought back so many memories of my childhood.

I remember getting a little black and white TV when I was a kid, like eight or nine. It had I think a nine- or ten-inch screen, but was still huge (back with the cathode ray tubes you know). It also had this little earpiece for one ear. Good thing I wasn't used to stereo TV! LOL

On clear Sunday evenings, late at night (well late for a nine-year-old, like 10pm) I could get the Louisville station that ran the original Star Trek reruns. Now, being nine, I had no idea what reruns where or syndication or whatever, I just knew I was mesmerized by this show about space and aliens and the unknown. I'd put a blanket over me and the TV, plug in the earpiece and hope mom or dad didn't come in to check on me as I was supposed to be sound asleep (I should have realized, even way back then, I was a night owl.)

So to hear that music, on the big screen made me very nostalgic. I adore most things Star Trek (although don't get me started on Barbie of Borg) and have enjoyed the 'reboots' of 2009 and 2013. So now I'm thinking about what the next movie should be. I'm assuming they are releasing it in 2016 to coincide with the 50th (yes FIFTIETH!) anniversary of the beginning of a cultural phenomenon.

Follow me, if you will. The 2009 movie rebooted the timeline from about the moment of Kirk's birth; thus everything that happened before in the Star Trek universe is still in play. Think about 'Star Trek: The Movie." Now I'm NOT advocating we remake that movie, but what about the V'ger aspect of it? V'ger is still out there and is trying to fulfill its mission, to give the information it has accumulated to its creator. It's been theorized that the 'world of machines' that repaired V'ger was the planet the Borg came from (I don't think this is canon, but it is an interesting theory). Now, there were more than just Khan's eugenics crew survivors out there; many were frozen like Khan and set upon the stars. What if that world of machines found some eugenics survivors and created the Borg? What if the world of machines had been inspired by V'ger to 'assimulate knowledge' but the message got corrupted and the Borg began to just 'assimulate'?

Oh, the possibilities. And can you imagine the CGI they could do these days? 

Maybe it's time I invest in the ST:TOS dvds. I miss those days long gone by where I listened to Roddenberry's messages through an earpiece in the quiet of a Sunday night.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Announcing my first novel, a Young Adult gay romance entitled 'Last of the Summer Tomatoes.' If you find the time, I'd love to have you review it, either here on my blog, on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. or on your own blog. Please let me know you've reviewed it, whether it be good or bad. I'd appreciate it! Click here to email me!

Kyle Jackowski, typical sullen emo teen, struggles to find a way to deal with his sexuality and finds himself in trouble with the law… again. But instead of being sent to a juvenile detention center like he expected, he is given a chance to commute his sentence by working on a farm for the summer. 

Enter Sam, son of the farm owners, who shows Kyle what he feels is perfectly normal and that he doesn’t have to hide from his feelings. In turn, Sam’s parents show Kyle that his abusive stepfather and battered mother are not the norm. With their love and support, Kyle finds his place in the world—by Sam’s side.