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Friday, February 13, 2015

It's Valentine's Day

Overheard an acquaintance lamenting Valentine's Day. No, she's not single, no her SO hadn't forgotten ... she was complaining that her SO hadn't gotten her roses and had 'only' planned a dinner and movie out and had 'only' gotten her a 'trinket' of a necklace. (He gave it to her early so she could wear it on their dinner.)

I wanted to throttle her.

No, not because I've never received stuff like that, not because I'm single and jealous. No, I'm mad because she doesn't appreciate what she has. That she doesn't appreciate what her SO went out of his way to do for her on his limited budget (they both are in college). That trinket of a necklace cost at least $100. Dinner and movie (with alcohol, I'm assuming), another $100. So he's spending $200 and she doesn't appreciate it?

You know something bitch? I would TREASURE a hand-made card and an evening watching a DVD at home with someone. It's the memory you make that counts. It's not the things you collect that's going to matter in your old age. It's the memories that will be priceless. On your deathbed, will you be clutching that necklace or the hand of your loved one? I certainly hope it's the latter.

I HATE that holidays (even made-up ones like Valentine's Day) have become so commercialized that women (and some men) EXPECT something grand and romantic. You know what you'll probably remember better? The single rose he gives you just because it's Monday or that silly seashell bracelet he got at the airport on one of his business trips just because he missed you. Or that Sunday he brought you breakfast in bed, or that Wednesday he offered to cook from his limited cooking skills because you had a bad day.

You'll remember the time he held your hand when you were sick; you'll remember the time you laughed so hard when he tried to surprise you by starting some laundry and a red sock turned his boxers pink. 

In 30 years, will you remember what you ate and what movie you watched on Valentine's Day 2015? Unless you're a good journal keeper, probably not. Eh, you might remember the necklace if it doesn't get lost in ensuing moves or the during the mis-mash of life that will happen over the decades. But I doubt it. 

So, for those of you with SOs out there, if they bring you flowers, of course, be gracious, be excited, be romantic, but don't be disappointed if the flowers, or chocolate, or teddy bears bearing jewelry don't appear. Enjoy that your SO is alive and well, that he/she is there with you, today, Valentine's Day 2015. Create memories that you can relive and enjoy. Don't concentrate on the 'things' in life. They won't matter at the end.

There is nothing more in the world that I want than to create a memory with someone. To go out and play in the snow with someone, to eat leftovers and watch a DVD, to laugh and enjoy the evening with someone. I don't NEED things - I NEED memories.

But, for those that still want flowers, here is the most expensive Valentine's Day bouquet from Teleflora:

$410 WITHOUT the delivery charge. Don't say I never gave you anything.