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Saturday, August 1, 2015

How Hard It Is To Ask For Help

Some of you may know about Maggie, my big, lovable, American Mutt. She's been with me since 2005, when I lost my first lovable American Mutt, Tramp. He'd been with me for 15.5 years, living a good full life to 17. I remember bringing Tramp home; he was still a pup, 18 months old, and he hid underneath the kitchen table for hours. But he's a story for another day.

My sisters paid the fee for me to rescue Maggie. She was my Christmas present in 2005, just a week or so after losing Tramp. I say I rescued Maggie, but she rescued me. And she chose me - I sat down in the midst of all the dogs at the rescue farm and she came over, rested her body against my leg and put her head on my thigh. If that's not her choosing me, I don't know what is.

Her temperament was the best for apartment-dwelling life. She never barked, was 100% house-broken - to the extent that when I got caught being away for almost 20 hours one day, she never peed or pooped in the house. She definitely took one long wiz when I got home and thankfully, that was the only instance where she was left alone for so long.

She's my sweetie. She's a quiet, gentle, seemingly old soul. And now, at the age of 12, she's sick and I don't have the money to help her.

I've had friends who've spent thousands on their pets before, in the vain attempt to keep them alive, if just for a little bit longer. A lot of my friends don't have close family, so their pets are their family. It's hard for a lot of people to understand that - they have a spouse or children to come home to. Think about it - you don't have a significant other to come home to, the house is always quiet and you're alone. With a pet, you're never alone and they do become family. They are the ones who comfort you when you're sad, they are always there for you. That's been my Maggie. I've never had a husband or boyfriend to come home to, but I've had Tramp, then Maggie (and of course, my newest edition, Rocky). You have no idea how wonderful it is to come home to wagging tails and sloppy kisses, especially after a horrible day.

Maggie & Rocky, Christmas 2013

Maggie needs surgery and follow-up care. She has a 70% chance of recovery and excellent quality of life. The vet said with treatment she could live out her life with no problems, pain-free, possibly living another 4-5 years. That's a good long life for a dog. And those are really good odds in my opinion. It's worth the $5,000, if I can find the money.

I've always had trouble asking for money, even to people who actually owe me money. And I know my news feed on Facebook is overflowing with worthy causes that need help that I, myself, have become almost emotionless to the onslaught. But I can't lose my Maggie. I just can't. She doesn't even act sick; she's playing, eating, drinking, going for her walks, just like normal. And I want to keep her that way. She deserves it. She relies on me to keep her healthy and safe and that's what I'm determined to do.

I have a little of my own money, but no where enough to even get the surgery. The vet doesn't want to wait too long; two weeks tops. Thus I'm asking, asking as hard as I can, asking while I have tears running down my face at the thought of losing her ... I'm asking for your help. I need $2,000 right away for the surgery, then another $3,000 for follow-up care that would start about two weeks after surgery. But that kind of money ... it might as well be a million dollars because I don't think I have any assets that are even close to that. 

So I'm actually begging. Don't let me lose my Maggie. I have over 4,000 Facebook friends - I know that doesn't mean a whole hell of a lot; most are author acquaintances and friends of friends that I've never even interacted with. But if only a quarter of those friends could give $5 each, I'd meet my goal with no problem.

I've given to others before, some friends, some total strangers. I believe in Karma; I've given needed goods and money to so many over the years and have truly expected nothing in return. And this isn't for me; this is for Maggie. She had a horrible puppyhood; she was abused, to the point she doesn't bark and hides from just about everyone. I need to make her better. I need to get her healthy and cancer-free again and I need to do it fast, before it spreads. She has that 70% chance if I do it soon. Seventy percent! 

Please, she's a worthy cause. I swear she is. I've set up a GoFundMe account, the link is below. I'll keep everyone updated on her progress and get some more pictures up of her. I can't wait much longer than mid-August to schedule her surgery, so please, if you can, I'd appreciate whatever you can give. Every dollar helps. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and back.