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Saturday, March 1, 2014

On finishing a novel ….

I’m nearing the finish line for my second novel. ‘Two Red Leaves,’ a sequel to ‘Last of the Summer Tomatoes.’ I’m feeling a little sad about it; I don’t have any ideas for a third novel involving these characters, so it will be hard to leave them behind. I know what they think, how they’ll react to any situation, and yes, in my mind they get the HEA. (Don’t worry, the novel does end on a very happy note, but there’s always trials and tribulations for every couple to conquer.
I love these characters, Sam and Kyle, Kyle being my baby. Abused and tormented as a teen, he actually grows into a well-rounded human being. He still has emotional scars and they do come out at times. I’ve put my MCs through hell and back in this current novel and have felt every emotion I’ve put on the page.
Maybe a third novel will come to me, eventually, but I do have two other novels that have been stuck in WIP limbo for way too long. My vampires want my attention, as does the entire world of Gael that sprang up after watching Dune  for the umpteenth time. And I can’t forget the dozen or so plot bunnies that have been languishing on my hard drive. There are days I wish I could write and not worry about bills or my house falling down around me.
Until Kyle and Sam speak to me again, I need to leave them behind as I finish the last couple of chapters. I will miss them, but hopefully this novel will get picked up and published and I can revisit them each time I get a review. Maybe a reader will spark an idea, or a fellow author asks me why I did this and not that. Inspiration can happen from anyone, anywhere.
Fingers crossed this novel will be accepted and I’d love to have a publication date either right before or during the Gay Romance Literature Retreat in October. I’m going for the first time … it is in my back yard and I’m doing the Supporting Author. It would be marvelous to debut it there.
I leave Sam and Kyle within the next few days and while I will revisit them during the editing process (such a joy that is!), it won’t be the same. It won’t be new adventures, new growth, new perspectives. Maybe the years will be kind to them next time they speak to me; maybe they’ve had more trials to go through, but I know this, they do love each other and we can only hope that love triumphs in the end.

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