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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Love, in all shapes, sizes, genders, is precious

We all know that one couple, the one that endures through all adversity and comes back time and time again to prove that love still does exist. I know of such a couple, one I only know through Facebook, but I feel I know them so personally.

One is ill right now, severely ill, and even though there is great hope, great optimism of his recovery, I can't but help be scared, and I only know this person through the 0s and 1s that make up social media. I can't imagine what his fiance is going through right now. He is fortunate, as his family loves and cares for him and allows his fiance to visit, to stay in the hospital room, to be by his side.

You may wonder, oh, how nice and go on your merry way. But the thing is, this is actually very unusual because the engaged couple are men, who have absolutely NO rights in the state in which they are living. I do find hope and encouragement that eighteen states thus far have put aside their bigotry and hate toward two people in love, but alas, it may be a while until all states see the light, including the one in which these two men are living.

I know there are a lot of conservative people out there that say that homosexuality is a sin, that these two men shouldn't have the legal protections that marriage gives to heterosexual couples, that these two men should get down on their knees and pray the gay away ... but these people who think that are so small-minded, so closed off from what love actually is, I actually feel sorry for them. They will never know true love in their hearts due to the hate they've placed there for someone that is not like them.

For any two people to find love, in my opinion, is miraculous. I don't get why it matters what dangles (or not) between one's legs when it comes to who you love. For any two people to find each other in this hustle and bustle, 24/7, loud and crazy world is amazing. When I see pictures of these two men, the love between them is so obvious, so clear, so pure ... why must people degrade that by nasty language and bigotry?

I've never found love, and at this point of my life, I probably never will. I've gone my adult life without love, so when two people find each other, in my eyes, it is so precious, a thing to hold so close to your heart, your soul. So I celebrate those who find love, who cherish it, who hold on with all their might. I have just re-ordained myself through the Universal Life Church and am available to ANYONE for marriage, handfasting, healing, or just spiritual counseling.

And to Eric and TJ, I wish there was more I could do, more I could give, more anything ... The best I can do is furnish a link to the fundraiser that is helping defray costs of family hotel stays and the medical costs that will surely come down the road.

Eric Arvin Support Fund

Eric and TJ, may your love be a beacon to others, and may others emulate your love.

May this healing rose send you its healing, vibrance and warmth.

On this, the darkest of nights, may the dawn greet you and the light shine again. Happy Winter Solstice to one and all.