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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy Winter Solstice and Some Random Thoughs ...

Happy Winter Solstice!

May you be surrounded by loved ones on this longest night of the year.

Now, for some random thoughts:

Just saw the third Hobbit movie (3? Why? It's a 247-page novel!) at the theatre. I didn't see the first two in the theatre, but wanted to hang with friends, so I went. It wasn't worth it to see it in 3-D in my opinion, but with my weird eyesight, 3-D always isn't worth it.

So, it was fun and I did tear up at the end. My fave dwarf (Kili) dies, but he dies in the book, so wasn't truly surprised. Wish though he could have at least had a kiss with Tauriel.

Now my question is, with hobbits wanting to eat six to seven times a day, is this the reason Bilbo was gone for two and a half years? They had to stop every two hours to eat? (I'm joking, but it does beg the question - is the group that awesome of hunters and gatherers that they survived such trials and tribulations for two and a half years? Perhaps yes for hunting, but you gotta stave off scurvy and the like, right?)

But for a serious question - will Peter Jackson go back to the original three movies and replace Ian Holms with Martin Freeman in the 'Bilbo steals the ring' flashback? I hope he doesn't go all George Lucas on us.

And while we're on Middle Earth - am I the only one who wishes Jackson could get the rights to 'The Silmarillion'? I would love to see the elves again. 

Tangent ...

Was watching 'Weird Science' last night. If we could time travel, I'd go back to let RDJ (well, at the time, he was just RD) that he'd be a serious actor AND get to play Iron Man. See if that blows his mind. (BTW - you could definitely see the beginning of the drug use in this film.)

And on that note ...

Do you think some serious actors wished their earliest works would just disappear? You know they do. 

Last random thought for the day ...

I want a Rocket Raccoon plush toy for Christmas.

Well, I REALLY love a Dancing Baby Groot, but he's not out yet. 

Until later.