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Monday, September 1, 2014

Beat The Heat Blog Hop - Damn it's hot out there!

Okay, I do live in Chicago and we're used to weird weather (Tornadoes in February? Snow in May? Heat wave in December? Yep, we got it all.) But this year has taken the cake. Polar Vortex (windchills -50 degreee F) this winter, spring didn't come until May, no summer until the last two weeks of August (and counting - seems summer wants to take over September according to the long-range forecast. What's a girl to do in regards to her wardrobe? I never put away the sweaters and long-sleeve shirts, so my closet is overflowing now with all my clothes. I've reached the point that tank tops can be worn for Christmas and sweaters can be worn for Memorial Day. I'm not digging this weather. 

One way to beat the heat or to escape the cold, depending on the day ... hell, depending on the hour ... is to curl up on the couch with a good book. What is that you ask? Do I have any recommendations? Well, of course I do! How about a free read? It's a little short story I wrote years ago and was originally published by XoXo Publishing. Unfortunately they closed their doors, so I'm offering it as a free read and hope you'll come back in a couple of weeks to check out the sequel. 

Without further ado, click here for link to Smashwords for the free read of Twenty-Four Hours, the first story in The Guardians Series. Then be sure to hop on to the next author in the tour for another chance at the raffle and for more book recommendations. Then don't forget, the second story, Michael's Journey, will be available September 9th.

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